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REVIEW and DISCOUNT: Swoob – Not Your Ordinary Fitness Bra

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A local Utah company has taken the frustration of many women, found a solution, and turned it into a great product!

Swoob is a local Utah company that designs and sells sports and fitness bras for women, but these aren’t just your average fitness bra. Pockets are conveniently located inside of the bra for holding things like your coins, drivers license, keys, iPod and much more!

View a list of their current products. The product I tried out was the Idona Racerback Bra. One of my biggest frustrations when working out is “where am I going to put all my stuff?!” I hate having to wear pants just because they have pockets, and take the risk of my stuff falling out of my pockets as I am working out.


Here are 4 things that you need to know about the Swoob bra:

  • Deep, comfortable pockets:
    My first thought when I received the bra was how small the pockets looked at first glance, and I was pleasantly surprised how deep the pockets go. (I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII that fit in the front pocket!) I also thought that it wasn’t going to be comfortable working out with keys, quarters and other items in the pockets, and again I was surprised to find that I couldn’t even feel them at all! The bra is made out of thick enough material so that you don’t feel all of the items in the pockets against your skin.
  • The sizes run small:
    If you are on the edge of two sizes, definitely order the larger size.
  • Your items don’t get sweaty in the pockets:
    One thing I was worried about is that my items would be a sweaty mess by the time I was done working out. I was surprised that they were not! Because of the material the bra is made out of, my keys, quarters and other items stayed dry.
  • The pockets are not just for cell phones!
    My biggest concern was that I am not one that likes to put my cell phone inside my bra. Dr Oz recently did a segment that focused on the dangers of putting your cell phones in your bra, and that it may be linked to breast cancer. Further studies are needed before any conclusions can be made, but I would rather be safe than sorry. I was worried that because of this, I might not be a good candidate for this bra. I was wrong. Even if you do not put your cell phone in your bra, there are still plenty of other items you take with you on a run or to the gym to work out. In the last week since I have been using the bra, I haven’t had to rent a locker once!
    Here is the response I received from Swoob when asking about protection from cell phone radiaton:
    Your question about if Swoob bras offer protection again cell phone radiation is a great one. Our current model does not offer such protection, but we are currently testing protective fabrics to use on our next model. For now, we recommend that you turn your phone to airplane mode to listen to music only and prevent cell signals from being emitted. The pockets are also a great place to store music players, energy gels, keys, or anything else you may need when active.

I am excited to have been introduced to this great product made by a local Utah company, and can’t wait to purchase a few more of their bras for my collection!


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Connect with Swoob:

I was provided with one complimentary bra to try out to write my review. I was not compensated financially, nor was I required or persuaded to write any specific type of review. The views and opinions expressed are all my own.

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