Monday, March 17, 2014

Utah Easy To Love Support Group

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Our April topic is Planning for Summer, we have a wonderful resource list put together and great partnerships with local businesses who have created special needs friendly activities and events with us.

We will be presenting all of those resources as well as talking about ideas to keep your child on a structured schedule and more! Please pass on the info!

We also have an Easter Scavenger Hunt/Fundraiser for Utah Easy to Love. Farmington Station Park is hosting it and it is going to be a lot of fun. Typical Easter Egg hunts are a free for all and often times to over stimulating for many of our kids, this will be a more structured activity. Kids will still leave with Eggs, treats and prizes but it will be much more easy going. 

We are looking for businesses or groups to man a table with treats/prizes as one of the stops, if you are interested please let us know! 

Utah Easy to Love is a Support Group for parents raising children with special needs. We meet monthly in Davis County & Salt Lake, with different topics and guest speakers coming as well as having open topics for parents to come and share. Over the last year we have started expanding and are now offering monthly family activities, parent workshops and more.

Our Mission:

To provide a place for parents and family members to meet and share experience, strength, give hope and awareness, to other families who have similar experiences raising children with ASD, ADD/ADHD, SPD, Anxiety and other mental health, developmental, medical or behavioral struggles. Through sharing in this experience of raising these ‘hard to raise’ kids, we grow stronger and more resilient.

You can visit our website at for schedules and more information. 

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