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REVIEW: Ideal Shape Meal Replacement Program

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To wrap up our health and fitness month, I want to tell you about a meal replacement program I have been using, and along with diet and exercise, I have lost eight pounds!

About a month ago I was offered the chance to try the Ideal Shape meal replacement program. I agreed to do this review because this is not another one of those “lose weight fast” type of scams. You still have to watch your diet and make sure you are exercising to see results, which is the only sure way to stay healthy and lose weight!

I was sent four items in the package I received: Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake with Blender Bottle to mix it up in, NatralShape hunger blocker pills, and IdealBar hunger blocker snack bars.

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Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake and Blender Bottle

This was probably the product I used the most. Not only does it have fiber to help you feel full, but it uses a potato protein extract to block hunger. I work out in the morning, and used this as an after-workout shake. It has only 120 calories, which is a much better option than grabbing a high calorie snack. The blender bottle made it easy to mix up.

Tips when using this product: Drink a full glass of water after the shake to activate the hunger blocker. Some bodies are not use to the amount of fiber and may need to start out with ½ a scoop for a week then move up to a full scoop. (I didn’t like the taste much with only a 1/2 scoop, so I used a full scoop and had no problems.)

2014-04-24 11.41.19IdealBar Meal Replacement Bar

This was the main product in the pack that “saved me” the most. I kept these in my purse and when that afternoon hunger kicked in, I was able to grab it and only consume 140 calories. It helped me feel full and not hungry until it was dinner time. I was given the cinnamon caramel crunch flavor, which was delicious! I have hypoglycemia, and this bar helped me avoid feeling “shaky” in the afternoons.

One main thing that I really loved about this bar is that it didn’t crumble and fall apart inside its package in my full, heavy purse like granola bars do.

2014-04-24 11.41.06NatralShape Hunger Blocker pills

Because I was using the shake and the bars, I didn’t use or need these pills as much, but they were great to have especially while my body was adjusting to a lower calorie intake. They are best when used every day, and I found myself using them most in the afternoon when cravings would set in. They are also great to keep in my purse and take before dinner to help control how much I ate. 

Other Tips from IdealShape when using these products:

  • ·We suggest drinking a full glass of water after each shake.  This helps to activate the hunger blocker. 
  • Any time you cut back your calorie intake it will take a couple of days for your body to adjust.  (Complaints of still feeling hungry) Also, making it into a smoothie gives it a little more substance, which some people may need.
  • Be sure they are eating 5 times a day.  We suggest 3 healthy snacks.  The Idealbar works great for this.
  • Some bodies are not use to the amount of fiber and may need to start out with ½ a scoop for a week then move up to a full scoop.
  • Add liquid first then shake mix into shaker bottle for best results.
  • Idealbars are a nutritious snack for any age.

You can order all of these products and see nutritional information on the IdealShape website. They also have some great articles on their blog such as “Why is post-workout nutrition crucial?” and “5 Things You Should Know About Fiber For Weight Loss”.

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