Wednesday, May 21, 2014

FREE Star Parties 2014

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A great Summer night activity is a Star Party with the Salt Lake Astronomical Society. “Star enthusiasts” and members of the Salt Lake Astronomical Society bring their high-powered telescopes and educate you on all the wonders of the sky and universe.

Star Party 3We went for the first time a few weeks ago, and had so much fun, we can’t wait to do this many times this Summer!

The kids were given a card, and if they identified 10 different objects in the night sky, they were entered into a drawing. Books, binoculars and other fun “star” objects were raffled off. Both of my kids won a book about astronomy.

The “enthusiasts” that are present are so fun to talk to, and seem to know anything and everything about the night sky. A few things we were able to see through telescopes were Saturn with its rings, Jupiter and four of its moons, the moon up close, Mars and lots of different stars. We were educated on why one certain star twinkled more than others, and other interesting things I had never heard before.

One of the members of the Salt Lake Astronomical Society invited us to come out to their Observatory in Stansbury Park, where more of the night sky is visible. We are excited to find a night where we can go out there and check it out!

Star Party 2

2014 Star and Sun Party Schedule:

This schedule is subject to change without my knowledge. Please refer to the Salt Lake Astronomical Society website for an accurate and up-to-date schedule. All sun and star parties are weather permitting. Star parties are from dusk until 10pm May and September, and dusk until 11pm June through August. Sun parties are from 9am to noon.

Click on the link in the name of the location for a map and directions.

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