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Father’s Day Gifting Guide

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Author: Whitney Hollingshead

Father’s Day is fast approaching and it’s time to get serious about showing appreciation for the men in your life.  Father’s Day is the perfect time to honor your father, your husband, your grandfather, and any man who has made an impact in your life.

Check out these tips to help you choose the perfect gifts for the men in your life:  


Dad may have started dropping hints about gift ideas weeks ago.  If Dad talks about things he wants or points out what would be nice to have, he’s most likely dropping hints for you.  Pay attention to what dad talks about and what he looks at when he visits any store.

While giving dad exactly what he wants may seem a little boring, dad will be grateful that you paid attention to his requests and/or hints.  If you know dad really wants something, he may actually be disappointed if you focus on another gift solely because you want him to be surprised.  Consider pairing dad’s request with a surprise item that is homemade or very inexpensive.      


If dad hasn’t been dropping any hints, you need to find the perfect gift on your own.  While dad may love a new tie or a chocolate cake, consider finding or making dad a gift that will surprise and delight him.

One great way to surprise dad is by giving him an item he has mentioned several times over the years, but most likely thinks you’ve forgotten.  You can also surprise dad by giving him tickets for a game, concert, or show you know he’d love to attend.

Another way you can surprise dad is by giving him a gift that lets him act like a kid again.  Does dad ever mention toys or games he loved as a child?  If so, you can buy dad a new version.  Nerf guns, Legos, action figures, puzzles, board games, and toy trains are just a few examples of items you could consider to surprise and delight dad.  

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Does dad have a favorite hobby?  Does dad love to play a particular sport?  Is dad an avid reader?  Focusing on dad’s hobbies is one surefire way to find a gift that dad will love.  

For example, if dad loves fishing, you could do some research to find him some new gear that matches your budget.  If dad loves playing soccer, maybe he would love his own set of portable goals to keep in the trunk of his car.  If dad loves reading, your could go through his collection and purchase another book written by an author he loves.

Father’s Day is a great time to reinforce that you support dad as an individual who has preferences and interests outside of his professional and family responsibilities.  Encourage dad to continue doing the things he loves and give him permission to participate in these activities on occasion.


Father's Day Gifting Guide - Image #4Consider getting dad something that he can use everyday.  Pampering shouldn’t be exclusively for females!  You can pamper dad a little with some great products designed just for men.  Does dad have a favorite cologne?  Do some research and find out if there is a similar cologne to give dad a second choice.  Any clerk at a fragrance counter in a department store should be well qualified to help you find a perfect fragrance for dad.

Giving dad some premium shaving products could easily make dad’s daily routine more enjoyable.  Does dad need a better razor?  Maybe dad would love some better shaving cream or aftershave.  While many pampering products are not necessities, dad will most likely appreciate being spoiled a little.   

Premium shampoo in a scent designed for men, or cologne scented body wash may be the perfect choice for dad.  If you are in favor of natural ingredients, check out this organic all-in-one face, hair, and body wash product for men.  


Many of the tips above can also be applied to grandfathers.  Here are some additional suggestions to consider:

Have your children make a special video for grandpa (make sure it’s given to grandpa in a format he can play easily)

Compile notes, photos, and favorite memories from other family members and make a scrapbook or photo book

Get grandpa some new tools for working around the house or yard

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What about the other men who have made a large impact on your life?  Here are some additional gift ideas for other father figures:

Call him on the phone to sincerely express your gratitude

Send a personalized card or note to say thank you

Make and deliver one of his favorite desserts or treats

Whatever you choose for the men in your life, try to pick gifts that involve using both your head and your heart.  Don’t forget to tell dad how much you love and appreciate him, either in written form, or verbally in person.  Gift giving is a great way to show your appreciation, but any great gift should always be accompanied with heartfelt words as well.  

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