Monday, June 16, 2014

Peter Pan–presented by LaForge Encore Theatre Company

PPan Poster

Note from Carol LaForge, director of Peter Pan:

This is the third time I have directed the musical PETER PAN on the Tooele High Stage. Who doesn’t love this wonderful story of the clever, adventurous leader of the Lost Boys? Peter Pan represents youth, joy, and freedom – what a wonderful way of looking at life.

Since the original Broadway play in 1905, starring Maude Adams as Peter Pan, it has become tradition for the role to be played by a woman, including Mary Martin, Sandy Duncan and Cathy Rigby. I think Christin Saling is my favorite Peter Pan!

Mary Martin played Peter in the 1954 made for TV version. For years that version was aired on television. When it was rebroadcast in 1990, several scenes were cut from the original to make more room for TV commercials. Among those scenes was Liza’s trip to Neverland and her dance with the animals. Today the majority of stage productions of Peter Pan do not include Liza flying to Neverland. This is the first time I have included it. I did a lot of research on the story, and (finally) read James M. Barrie’s book. I decided to include Liza’s adventure when I realized that Liza represents the ability to grow up and still maintain a youthful spirit.

Whether your interpretation of the classic story is that it is a story of the children really traveling to Neverland – an actual place – or it is a dream in which the children incorporate much from their own lives into the creation of a magical, imaginary Neverland, I have directed this show with many connections and similarities of “The Real World” to the enchanting world of “Neverland”.

Sit back and enjoy a “Home where Dreams are Born, and Time is Never Planned” – and witness the Magic of Theatre.

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