Friday, September 19, 2014

5 Makeover Projects for Fall

Author: Alyssa Craig

As mother nature gives the world a makeover with the changing seasons, this is a great time of year to be giving different areas of your home and life makeovers of their own! Often people wait until the new year to make changes and improvements, but you can do your own updates and changes now! These changes do not have to be costly or difficult. The simplest changes can make all the difference.


Home Decor

To get your home ready for the new season, there are many things you can be do to make your home more cozy and appropriate for the cooler fall weather:

Decorate your living/sitting rooms with new throw pillows in warmer colors.

Add a hand woven throw blanket across a couch.

Change the drapes and curtains in your rooms to be more fall appropriate and make sure the material provides better insulation to help conserve energy.

Swap out the bedding in your bedrooms for heavier, warmer materials. You can even just add a quilt to the end of the bed for decoration during the day and extra warmth at night.

When the daylight hours are more and more limited, use candles not only for light but for an added ambiance to chillier fall evenings.

Finally, find a great fall themed wreath for the front door.

5 Makeover Projects for Fall 1Outdoor Furniture

As you prepare the inside of your house, don’t forget to prepare the outside patio or deck furniture so you can keep using it all year round. You should be cleaning your outdoor furniture at least two times per year in order to keep it in good condition, so use fall as one of those times. Materials that can be left outside all year round include aluminum, wicker, and natural stone. Consider getting your outdoor furniture updated with powder coating to help preserve the life of your outdoor furniture. Just because it is cooler at night, does not mean you have to stop using your patio.

5 Makeover Projects for Fall 2


A new season is a great time of year to go through your closet and make changes to your style. Start by first going through each article of clothing in your closet. If it has not been worn at least once in the last year, put it in a pile to be donated. Take advantage of back-to-school sales to restock your closet with this year’s buys. If you are trying to save your pocketbook some grief, consider doing a clothing or jewelry swap with your friends to acquire new pieces. They likely have things in their closets they are not wearing that you would love and visa versa! Use this as an opportunity to be a little more daring with your clothing, makeup, or even hair styles. Try pairing clothing pieces in combinations you would not normally put together. Remember that layering in the cooler weather offers a great opportunity to piece together multiple articles of clothing to create your own, unique look.

Exercise Routine

The beginning of fall is the best time to be getting into a new (or improved) exercise routine. In most parts of the country, the climate becomes more mild, with declining temperatures and humidity levels. Take advantage of the great weather to get outside for walks, runs or hikes. Join a fall soccer league or get a group of friends together for a weekly game of touch football. Many gyms, community recreation centers, and studios start new classes in the fall, so if there is a sport or class you have been wanting to try, this is the time! Try your hand at ballet, boxing, or Zumba.

One of the best ways to stay consistent with any exercise routine is to keep changing what you are doing to avoid monotony. This can include changing the actual activity or just finding new ways to challenge yourself. With the holiday months inching closer, a fresh exercise routine will help you keep off those unwanted pounds.

5 Makeover Projects for Fall 3


Along with giving your exercise routine a makeover, take a look at your nutrition habits! There are many fruits and vegetables that come into season at this time of year that make fall a favorite feasting time. A few examples of seasonal foods include:

● Apples

● Beets

● Brussel sprouts

● Cabbage

● Cauliflower

● Cranberries

● Grapes

● Kiwis

● Pears

● Pomegranates

● Pumpkin

● Rutabaga

● Squash

● Sweet potatoes

As you are stocking your shelves with these delicious foods, this is also a great chance to go through your pantry and throw out expired foods that may have gone unnoticed during the summer months.

With these simple suggestions, you, your home, and your closet will be ready for the changing season. You will also be looking great for the holiday season that follows so quickly afterward. Your guests and friends will wonder how to make such great makeovers on their own. Soak it up and let the simplicity of it all be your little secret.

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