Thursday, September 11, 2014

Great New Hikes

Utah's Adventure Family has done some great new hikes this summer. Come check out our hiking tab that includes summits, waterfalls, lakes, and nature trails. You can read about a few of our new favorites below. Click on any link for pictures, directions, and full reviews.

The Living Room (pictured above): This hike is short and step and leads to overlook of the Salt Lake Valley. Previous visitors have set up stone chairs and love seats. There is even an awesome recliner. This was our boys' favorite hike of the summer!

Peak 10,420: Peak 10,420 stands next to Clayton Peak, but is a bit easier for young families. Our boys liked that you can see 7 lakes from the summit. The hike was short and steep and provided beautiful views of Big Cottonwood Canyon and the other side of Guardsman Pass.

Barrier Free Trail at Snowbird: This hike is short along a stroller-friendly, paved path. We saw squirrels, birds, a doe and her fawn, and a mother and baby moose. This trail is appropriate for any age or ability. 

Blood's Lake: This lake is located near Guardsman Pass and shares the trailhead with Peak 10,420. The hike is much more level and goes to a beautiful alpine lake. Though a bit rocky with an few ups-and-downs, this hike is only 1.2 miles RT.

Cave at Ledgemere Picnic Area: Though not really a hike, there is a short walk through a dark cave at Ledgemere Picnic Area in Big Cottonwood Canyon. The cave appears to be an old mine as it seems to be drilled out of the rock. There is room to stand and walk and no crawling is required.

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  1. I look forward to hiking some of these with my family. Thanks so much!


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