Sunday, September 14, 2014

REVIEW: “Believe” Movie–Inspired By True Events


The film “Believe” won a Zurich Film Festival award for best children’s film and stars Brian Cox (Troy,Bourne Identity Series, Braveheart). It is a great movie for families of all ages, and teaches viewers that if they can close their eyes and believe in something, they can make it possible.

Believe” is the true story of George, a gifted soccer fan who learns life lessons from world-famous soccer coach Matt Busby. Busby comes out of retirement after a tragic accident to help George and his group of friends in a soccer tournament.

Throughout the movie, George is taught life lessons from Busby, but the most important lesson he learns is that dreams are within reach when you believe.

We watched this as a family with my eight year old son and 10 year old daughter. They are both avid soccer fans, but would have enjoyed the show just as much had they not been a soccer fan.

“Believe” is in theaters now, and you can find a list of locations and show times on the “Believe” website.

Follow “Believe” on Facebook for more information on the movie, cast and characters.

Read what Sports Illustrated Kids wrote about “Believe”.

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