Sunday, September 21, 2014

South Valley Youth Theater

Pirates of Penzance performed by South Valley Youth Theater

We had the opportunity to attend a show put on by South Valley Youth Theater. They are currently putting on Pirates of Penzance. South Valley Youth Theater was founded a few years ago by two moms who wanted to give youth of any age the opportunity to participate in theater, no matter what. They have produced 4 shows so far and are excited for new shows in 2015.

Pirates of Penzance is a hard show to put on even for adults. There are some difficult songs so I wondered how the youth would do. The major general role was played by a nine-year old boy, and I couldn't believe he could say all the words in that song, let alone sing them. It goes so fast. He did a great job. The youth actors knew their lines and songs well. No one struggled to remember anything which impressed me a lot.

There's the major general. The Pirate King was the best...he's on the far right.

The costumes were the best part of the show! I couldn't believe how awesome they were, especially because I read on their website that they use sheets and curtains to make them most of the time.  Everyone was dressed very well and looked their part. The costume designer does excellent work.

I also enjoyed the live orchestra. There aren't many theaters that have live orchestras anymore, let alone a youth theater. It added so much to show to have live music. This was definitely a highlight.

We really liked the live orchestra.

The choreography was also fun. Part of their stage walked out and around the orchestra so there were lots of different ways they could use the stage. They also walked through the audience, and even involved a few people which humored our kids. Our dad was pointed at for a possible wife for the Pirate King because he was very pretty, but he wasn't chosen because he was a boy. Makes sense! I also loved the dance done by the policeman...very creative and fun. The choreography was done by some of the youth in the performance which is another reason this youth group is special. They involve the youth as much as possible.

Everyone is out on the extra stage here. Check out their
amazing costumes and all the different ages.

There were all ages of children involved in this production, from very young to seniors in high school. Most of the main parts were manned by older youth, but there were lots of girls and pirates so everyone had a chance to participate in the show.

The show was put on at Westridge Academy. This was the only downside to this amazing group of children. The air conditioning was loud, the microphones worked well for only some of the actors but it was still hard to hear, and it was hard to see well with out those nice angled seats in a real theater. I am sure as the Youth Theater grows, they will be able to find other venues which will enhance their performances.
We enjoy theater, so this was a fun outing for our family.

My boys enjoyed this show a lot and it's a great way to introduce your children to theater for a cheap price. It costs only $5/ticket. You can buy tickets online for Pirates of Penzance...there are two more shows. Or if your children would like to participate in this youth group, you can sign-up online for more information via email.

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