Monday, December 08, 2014

Gifts that Pamper on Any Budget

Author: Amber Brubaker

You’ll want to get something really special for the hardworking men and women in your life. So, for your holiday gifts this year, refrain from gifting the usual movie and music gift cards and get gifts that will pamper the recipient instead. After all, those who have made a real difference in your life deserve some pampering every now and then. Here are a few ideas that will fit every budget.

Under $20

Coupon Book

Men and women alike will love this pampering gift since it can be filled with personalized coupons that will fit the individual’s tastes. For example, if you’re compiling a book to pamper your husband and you know he loves having his feet rubbed, make that one of your coupons. A few other coupon ideas might be a night out, a home pedicure, a 30-minute back massage, a facial, and a morning to sleep in. The best part about it? You only have to pay for paper and printing.

Bath Essentials Kit

Promise your special someone a night of relaxation with a homemade bath essentials kit. Find affordable, but delightful pampering products to make his/her bath time like spa time. This might include bath salts, specialty soap, bubble bath, and a new, soft towel. Colorful towelwith ribbon, soap and shampoo isolated on white

Home Pedicure Kit

This can be kept under $20 if you don’t buy the expensive foot bath, though that would be a wonderful addition to this gift if you have the money to do so. If you want to keep it simple and inexpensive, stick to the essentials. You’ll need a flat-bottomed container large enough for feet, nail polish, nail files, orange sticks, foot scrub, and a callus softening kit. Most of these can be purchased inexpensively at a dollar store.


Slippers and Bathrobe

A great invitation for relaxation for both men and women is a nice set of slippers or a bathrobe. The more plush and cushioned the better. For the slippers, try to find a pair with memory-foam insoles. For the bathrobe, get the softest you can find.

Pampering Gift Basket

Whether you buy this pre-made or make your own, a pampering gift basket is a great gift for anyone. Pay attention to the recipient’s favorite pampering items. For example, if you’re shopping for a man with a carefully trimmed beard, you might want to get items that will help him groom it, like small scissors, beard oil, and a mini razor.

Professional Manicure or Pedicure

Though it’s fun to have your nails done at any time, nothing beats the experience of having a professional manicure or pedicure service. The professionals do their very best to ensure that their guests are relaxed and happy with the beautifying work. Share this fabulous experience with a loved one who deserves it.  


Professional Facial

A facial given by a trusted professional is an amazing experience. Such a facial would include microdermabrasion and a chemical or organic face peel that will leave the skin smooth and radiant. Look for a professional who is known for providing a relaxing and professional experience. Your loved ones will simply glow after they use this gift.

Beauty salon. Cosmetician applying facial mask at woman face.

Full Body Massage

Why not gift 60 minutes of utter bliss with a certificate for a full-body massage? Let a professional work out some of the knots that your hard-working special someone has worked into their body, and give them the day out they deserve. Such treatment will leave them much more relaxed and less stressed than before, which is a priceless gift.

Gifts That Pamper-Image#3

Over $100

Precious Jewelry

Never underestimate the pampering qualities that come with precious jewelry. Whether your special someone loves diamonds, rubies, pearls, or opals, you can find jewelry to match their tastes and make them feel like a king or queen. If you’re shopping for a man, look into classic jewel-studded gold watches or rings. For a woman, a dazzling new pair of earrings should do the trick.

Spa Getaway

Some people deserve more than just one pedicure or one facial. Go the extra mile for those who have gone the extra mile for you, and book them a spa weekend getaway package. They can enjoy mud baths, facials, pedicures, massages, steam baths, and much much more for a few days of complete relaxation. Some people are worth the extra money.

A gift that pampers really shows how much you care. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, since after they receive their treatment, they are sure to feel more relaxed for weeks following the experience.

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