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REVIEW: Midway Ice Castles 2015

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The Midway Ice Castles have finally opened up, but due to the warm weather, if you want to see them, you may only have two more days left! There is too much falling and melting ice for them to open when it’s so warm.

2015-01-23 19.17.39Get online and purchase your tickets now, because they are selling out fast! They are only accepting tickets purchased online, so make sure you buy them before you go!

They have a different and bigger location than last year. They are located at Soldier Hollow. The exact address is:

2002 Soldier Hollow Rd
Midway, UT 84049  USA

Because it’s a larger area, it seems a lot less crowded and provides for much more room to walk around without feeling crowded. Because of the warm weather they aren’t as tall as last year, but definitely no less amazing!

Read our review from 2014, when we went to see the Ice Castles during the day. Because of the warm weather this year, they are only open at night. There is definitely something magical about seeing the Ice Castles at nighttime! Visit the Ice Castles website for dates and time. The ice castles and sculptures are all lit up and set to music that runs approximately every 30 minutes or so.

Watch the short video at the end of this post of some of the highlights. 

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2015-01-23 19.24.28

Is it worth paying to see?

This is probably the question I get asked the most when reviewing the Midway Ice Castles. Yes, yes and yes is the answer! Brent Christensen, the creator of the Ice Castles, and his amazing helpers, spend countless hours creating these amazing structures, and we are lucky to have them in Utah again this year! This is something we have on our To Do list every winter!

10426334_10204411313017830_7530241866840978238_nBrent Christensen, the creator of the Ice Castles, and his amazing helpers,
spend countless hours creating these amazing structures.

Tips when visiting the Midway Ice Castles this year:

  • Arrive early! Because they are only open for a very short time this year, and only at nighttime, it gets really crowded really fast. We arrived around 6:30pm, and it wasn’t very crowded yet. It took us about 20 minutes to get parked, and there was no waiting in line to get in like last time. When we left, however, the line of cars down the road just to get into the parking lot was at least a mile long! We left around 8:30pm. I suggest getting there around 5:45pm and being ready to go in right when they open at 6pm.
  • To help prevent slippery walking surfaces, the ground is slushy and powdery. Make sure you are dressed for cold weather, and wear shoes that are waterproof, preferably boots. The snow gets in shoes too easily, so make sure they are high enough to prevent snow from getting into them and freezing your toes! Hats, gloves, hand and toe warmers, etc. are always recommended!
  • If the kids have snowsuits, bring them! This year they have ice slides and cool tunnels to crawl through! Depending on how cold it is and how prepared you are for the weather, you will probably spend between 45 minutes to an hour and a half exploring around.
  • Bring a few dollars for hot chocolate and other goodies. At the exit of the Ice Castles they have a snack shack with items such as hot chocolate, orange rolls, cinnamon rolls, apple cider and more. The cost of items vary but they are approximately $3 each.
  • Bring a camera! You are going to want to take lots of pictures and videos.
  • Bathrooms are porta-potties, so be prepared to wait in line if you need to use the restroom, or use it before coming.
  • Read through the Frequently Asked Questions on their website for more tips and details when visiting.

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