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REVIEW: Ouish Boutique

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One of my favorite things about Utah is the amazing people behind the local companies, and Ouish Boutique is definitely one of those! Recently launched in January 2015, it’s a dream come true for passionate business owner Nadia Mansour.

A “dandelion wish” come true:

10389410_10153146576873487_7410527753200511920_nPronounced as “Wish”, the company gets its name from a beloved childhood memory. Ouish founder Nadia Mansour (right) remembers picking dandelions as a young girl, and hears her mother’s voice telling her to “Blow on them and make a wish!” Those dandelions wishes have finally come true for Mansour as she recently opened her own bath and body boutique.

“I started four years ago making and learning new things about bath and body products,” Mansour said. “I finally decided after many great reviews to start my own company, and so that's basically what I did. I decided to take the risk and it has been amazing so far!”

It’s easy to believe in a company when the founder and person behind the products has amazing skin!

“Make my Ouish come true!”

The products:

Ouish BoutiqueOuish has a unique line of products, including body and facial scrubs, night and day creams, under eye treatments, and the newly anticipated bath muffins (which will be in the store soon).

I had the pleasure of trying the Your Perfect Face set, which includes eye serum, day face cream, night face cream and face scrub.

Everybody loves getting packages in the mail, and getting a bright pink package makes it that much more exciting!

My first impression was how good they all smelled! You can read my individual reviews of each product below.

The only thing I had a problem with is that because I stored the face scrub in the shower, the label didn’t hold up as well from the exposure to water. Maybe if there was an extra layer of protection to prevent the water from damaging the label?

Other than that, I loved, loved, loved all the products, and highly recommend them to anybody looking for great products that not only make you look beautiful, but feel and smell beautiful!

You can find a list of ingredients for each product on the Ouish website.

Acai & Hibiscus Face Scrub:

This was probably my favorite product from Ouish that I have tried so far. Made with just a little bit of texture to scrub away impurities, the scent alone is refreshing, but the way it brightened my skin tone was amazing! It was gentle enough to use every day, but Ouish recommends only using it every 2-3 times a week.


Day and Night Face Cream:

Made with acai, the sweet smell left my skin feeling soft and refreshed, but not greasy. I did notice after the first time using it that all it takes is a few dabs on the skin. With these products, a little bit goes a long way, so the 2oz bottles will last quite a while!

I have combination skin, which fluctuates between oily and dry. These products were great for my skin type, and didn’t cause it to become too oily, but it was strong enough to help with the dryness. I was also amazed at how they brightened my skin tone with regular use.


Soothing Eye Serum:

Because the day and night cream were both great moisturizers, they also helped tame the puffiness underneath my eyes. Because of this, I didn’t have to use the soothing eye serum daily, but it was great to have on hand for days when I needed a little something extra. I found that using it at night before bed, or in the morning 30 minutes before my makeup application with my primer, worked best for that little boost my under eyes needed to reduce the dark circles from lack of sleep.


Connect with Ouish Boutique:

I was provided with complimentary bottles of the above products to try for my review. I was not compensated financially, nor was I required or persuaded to write any specific type of review. The views and opinions expressed are all my own.

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