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REVIEW: Funtopia Utah

Funtopia 1
Funtopia Utah
401 South 850 East Suite C4
Lehi, Utah 84053
Phone: ( 801) 717-1236

Funtopia 2(Watch a short video at the end of this post)

We are avid rock wall climbers in our family, so when we heard about Funtopia we had to check it out! We had a blast and my kids are still talking about how much fun they had, and that they have to have their next birthday parties there!

(Birthday party information can be found on their website. They even have printable invitations ready for you to customize and send out. We will also be writing up a review of the birthday parties in November and January, so stay tuned for that!)

Funtopia is a separate room off of Momentum Indoor Climbing that’s geared towards kids, but also fun for adults. Jump from a platform onto a trapeze, free-fall from a Parabolic Slide, or climb a variety of objects such as a dinosaur, castle, building, skyscrapers, and more!

We brought four kids ages 6 to 12, and they all found something that they loved. My husband and I even had a great time and didn’t want to leave!

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What you need to know about Funtopia:

  • 101_0573Playing at Funtopia is scheduled in one hour sessions. After the session is up, you can add on 30 minute sessions for additional fees. Sessions start at the top of the hour, every hour. Arrive 15 minutes before your session starts to allow time to turn in / fill out waivers, get harnesses on, and watch the safety video.
  • Funtopia is for ages four and older who weight 35 lbs. or more. There are no height limits.
  • Each section has a harness that you connect to. Ages 12 and younger will need an adult or Funtopia employee to help them hook and unhook from each area.
  • Rates and hours can be found on the Funtopia website. (Because prices may change from time to time, I don’t post rates and hours on reviews. Please visit the official website for that information.)

Tips when visiting Funtopia:

  • 101_0570Call and reserve your spot instead of just dropping in. You can reserve your one hour session on their website, or call them at (801) 717-1236.
  • One hour was PLENTY of time! We ended up staying 90 minutes but with all the running around you do, an hour is plenty! They prioritize those with appointments over those that are just walk-ins, so those with walk-ins may have to wait until there is room to climb. I love that because then there isn't much waiting in line. The main thing we saw a line for was the slide and the skyscrapers. Other than that, we got right on everything else. (We also went on a weeknight. Saturdays are probably a little bit different!)
  • Fill out the waiver for each participant ahead of time. You can download and print the waiver on the Funtopia website. Once there is a waiver on file, you don’t have to complete another one at each visit.
  • Climb smart and don't horse around. Just because you are on a belay, doesn't mean you can't get hurt. That said, don't be afraid to fall. Harnesses are tight.
  • Gym clothing is better than loose clothing. Be prepared to sweat!
  • Your hands will get sweaty and might get sore from all the climbing.
  • Don't bring a lot of loose items that can fall out of your pockets. Moms and dads: There aren’t very many places to store a purse or camera bag if you plan on climbing. Leave as many things in your trunk as you can! They have cubbies for jackets and such, but leave valuables in the car out of sight!

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I was provided with a family pass to experience Funtopia and write my review. I was not compensated financially, nor was I required or persuaded to write any specific type of review. The views and opinions expressed are all my own.

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