Monday, April 20, 2015

National Park Hikes for Kids

Our 3 year-old in Little Wild Horse Canyon.
Utah has some of the greatest National Parks in the country. At Utah's Adventure Family, we have done a lot hiking in many of Utah's Parks. If you are planning a trip, make sure you visit our website for information and directions to hikes that are kid-friendly in the following parks:
Yellowstone: From waterfalls to lakes to bubbling hotpots, we've got a great list of hikes for kids if you're visiting the nation's oldest National Park.
Canyonlands: We've done all the kids hikes in both the Needles and Island in the Sky areas of the park. No matter which side you visit, there are great hikes for kids.
Arches: Our favorite Utah National Park has tons of simple hikes for kids. You'll know just what to expect and which hikes to take after reading about our kids hikes. Full review of Arches here. 
Great Basin: Located just over the western border in Nevada, most Utahns aren't even aware of the awesome hikes, cool animals, and amazing cave system at Great Basin National Park. Full review of Great Basin here.
Goblin Valley: Goblin Valley is a state park, but there are some pretty amazing hikes there. Be sure to read about Little Wild Horse Canyon located just outside the park. It's our kids favorite all-time hike!

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