Friday, May 29, 2015

LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: My Birth Experience at LDS Hospital

By Michelle Powell
I had my first child in November 2003, and I delivered her at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City. Because this was my first pregnancy and baby, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I had a lot of fears and questions.
My assurance from LDS Hospital that I would get the best care and experience possible didn’t start the day I went into labor; it began months before my due date with the classes and other services offered.
Being a first-time mom, I signed up for all the classes that applied to me. The ones that really stood out were the breastfeeding class and the labor and delivery class. In those classes, there were many different types of moms: single moms there with their own mom or best friend as support, wedded moms, and all other types of moms. Even though we all came from different backgrounds and had different circumstances, the instructors and staff made each of us feel like a group of women bonded over becoming mothers. The staff was well trained to answer our questions, and help calm our fears of what can go wrong, and how it’s dealt with at LDS Hospital.
LDS BannerMy husband and I also took a tour of the hospital prior to our due date, which helped calm my fears about what to expect the day of delivery. Questions such as “Where do I check in? What will happen once I check in? Can my extended family come to visit? Where will the baby go after delivery? What happens if there are complications? What kind of things should I pack in my bag?” were all answered on this tour.

When the day of delivery finally arrived, my husband and I already had a “game plan” of where to check in and what the procedure was. After being checked by the nurse and being told that I was indeed in active labor, and they were going to admit me for delivery, we called our parents to let them know. They waited a few hours before coming up, and then spent most of their time in the family waiting room.
Because I had high blood pressure and a few complications, most of the labor and delivery was a blur, but what does stand out is the aftercare I received at LDS Hospital. Each one of my nurses and CNAs were very nice and helpful, especially the one I had my second night. I wish I could remember her name, because the nurse I had that second night gave me advice that has stuck with me throughout my life since then. I was dealing with lack of sleep and the frustration of trying to get my daughter to nurse, she sat down on my bed and had a long chat about how I am now a mother, and nobody knew that sweet little baby like I did. She grew inside me for nine months, and now it was time for me to watch her grow and become a little person. That hour long chat made the world of a difference in my confidence and the patience I was able to learn as a new mother. The nurse even took the time to check on me before leaving her shift at the end of the night to go home to her own kids. Knowing that she truly cared is something I will remember the rest of my life.

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