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20 Great Goals for Summer

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Author: Alyssa Craig

New Year’s resolutions took place many moons ago and with the halfway point of the year coming up soon, most of us have not stuck to our goals. Luckily, there is no need to wait for 2016 to make new goals (or renew ones to which you already committed). Summer is upon us and the start of a new season is another great time to add some fresh goals to your life.

The following list can help you get started on a new goal or two:

  1. Participate in at Least One Volunteer Opportunity - Check with your local hospital, homeless shelter, kids day camp, summer tutoring program, or food bank for ways you can volunteer some of your time.

  1. Eat at Least Five Servings of Fruits and Vegetables a Day - Summer is filled with so many fresh produce options! Take advantage of farmers’ markets for especially delicious produce.
    20 Great Goals for Summer 1

  1. Try Something New - Go skydiving, rock climbing, take a cooking class, or learn some phrases in a new language.

  1. Visit a Place You Have Never Been to Before -  This can be somewhere nearby, on the other end of the country, or on foreign ground. Expand your horizons with a cool trip.

  1. Make 5 New Friends - Look for new ways to expand your social network and make some new real life friends this summer.

  1. Enjoy Time in the Great Outdoors - Go hiking, walking, bird watching, or simply lounge in your hammock. Whatever you do, enjoy some fresh air and disconnect from technology for awhile.
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  1. Clean Out Closets - Go through closets in the house, gather items no longer in use and donate them.

  1. Find Time to Meditate/Pray/Be Still Daily - However you choose to connect spiritually and clear your mind daily will help you to relieve stress, find time for yourself, and add peace to each day.20 Great Goals for Summer 2

  1. Keep a Gratitude List - Add to it daily, weekly, or when the moment stirs you, but add to it throughout the summer. It is especially helpful when times get rough to be able to reflect on all the good in your life.

  1. Let Something Go - This may mean toxic people, bad habits or unrealistic expectations that are bringing you down and keeping you from fulfilling your potential.

  1. Have a Fix-it Day - Go around the house tightening screws, replacing light bulbs, and doing the general fix it jobs you put off for “someday”. Your house will feel like new!

  1. Make a Plan for Paying Off Debt - Student loans, credit card debt, or other debt can hold you back from achieving other financial goals. Make a plan for how to pay it back and fit debt reduction into your summer budget.

  1. Read a Book Outside of Your Regular List - If you usually read mystery, try a classic, self help, or autobiography.

  1. Smile More Often - Smiling, while pleasant to those around you, also helps you to lower stress, improve your mood, and can even better your immune system.

  1. Complete a Physical Challenge Goal - Is there a physical challenge you have always wanted to do? This summer try a triathlon, 5k, half marathon, a boot camp class, a bikram yoga class, or whatever will get your blood pumping and give you a sense of accomplishment.

  1. Go on a Trip to Visit a Family Member You Don’t See Often - If you have cousins, grandparents, or friends that might as well be family that you don’t see often, take a trip this summer to visit them.

  1. Choose One Room in the House to Revamp - Redo the decorations, clean every nook and cranny, and put up that art you’ve been meaning to hang for years. It may even inspire you to keep working on other parts of the house.

  1. Take a Picture a Day - This can be of a special moment, an activity you created, or a pretty sunset. You may be surprised what kind of memories you will have collected over the course of the summer.

  1. Become an Early Riser - As they say “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”. Put this to the test if don’t enjoy getting up in the morning and discover the many things you can accomplish as you rise a little earlier.

  1. Attend a Cultural Festival - Summertime is known for being a time saturated with fun festivals. Greek, Shakespearean, Polynesian, and Chinese festivals are only a few that take place. Check your area for a chance to expand your cultural exposure.

Choose your favorite goals to accomplish this summer, but be careful to not take on too much at once! As mentioned here, remember to share your new goal with someone to add responsibility on yourself to follow through. As you take time to set goals for the summer, you can find ways to make changes in your life for the better. The choice is up to you!

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