Sunday, June 28, 2015

GIVEAWAY: Join Us For An Unplugged Summer!

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We are really focusing on spending this summer being “unplugged” from technology. I feel it’s important for kids to learn how to get out and enjoy themselves regardless of income or location. There are so many ways to spend your day besides sitting inside with a video game, internet or television!

Of course there are times when we will need to check our phones, but by limiting the amount of hours spent plugged into technology, we will create more fond memories of a summer that we will never get back!

Why is it so important to be “Unplugged”?

swimmingI recently read an article in Fitness Magazine titled “9 Reasons You Need To Unplug” and it made so much sense. Not only does it improve your relationships, but I find that I am in a much better mood after a day of being unplugged and enjoying my life rather than staring at a screen for hours. I know this is ironic since I run a blog, but I have even cut back on that in order to enjoy time with loved ones. This life is so short, and our kiddos grow up so quickly, it’s time that we will never be able to get back!

By setting the example of going unplugged, we can influence and encourage those around us to go unplugged as well. Even one day of unplugging has great benefits!

Join us and Go Unplugged!

painting with a twistStatistics show that 84% of cell phone users claim they could not go a single day without their device. We want to challenge all of our readers to go unplugged just for one day and see the difference it makes in your life and relationships! Chances are you will end your day feeling much happier and more refreshed. You will probably even sleep better that night!

Upload your pictures of how you are spending your day/summer unplugged to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and don’t forget to use the #EnjoyUtah hashtag, as well as other unplugged hashtags, so that we can see the difference going unplugged is making in our local community!

#EnjoyUtah, #WePlayUnplugged, #PlayUnplugged, #Unplugged

Ways to “Go Unplugged”:

  • Participate in the PlayUnplugged summer program, and watch as your kids enjoy earning brag badges to show what a great unplugged summer they’ve had!
  • hikingGet outside and go somewhere that doesn’t have cell service. An easy hike in the mountains, such as Nobletts or The Fairy Forest, is a great way to “force you” to stay unplugged.
  • Go rock hunting in Utah’s West desert. Again, this is a place without cell service, so you won’t be tempted to check or use your phone.
  • Water sports: Because you don’t want your phone to get wet, chances are you will put it away while enjoying water sports. Boating, water skiing, swimming and even playing at a local splash pad are all great ways to unplug. We went to a local outdoor swimming pool last week, and having my cell phone in the locker while enjoying the sun and water with the kids was one of the most rejuvenating, and much needed, days I have had in a while! I also enjoy water aerobics, and for an entire hour my phone is away in the locker where I can’t even see it, giving me time to concentrate on a good workout to clear my mind.
  • Camping: I am the local camp director in my area, and spending four days in the mountains with girls away from cell service is one of the most enjoyable and replenishing things about my summer. The first day of camp is definitely met with withdrawals from technology, but by the end of the week I am usually dreading turning on my emails and checking my messages. It’s great to be able to take a step back and breath!
  • Read about more ideas on our Utah Adventures Pinterest board.

WIN an Unplugged T-Shirt!

Tell those around you that you are also choosing to be unplugged! Enter to win a t-shirt like the one I am wearing above, provided by Creative Expressions.

Deadline to enter is Monday July 6th 2015 at 11:59pm. Winner must respond to notification email within 24 hours or a new winner will be chosen. I will not be held responsible for any reason email is not received. This includes but is not limited to no internet access, email ending up in junk or bulk folder, or any other reason.

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About Creative Expressions:

529000_10150774279950070_1793479107_nCreative Expressions is a local woman-owned Utah company. Many of my readers can attest to my passion for buying local and supporting local businesses, and this is no exception. Hydee Willis, owner of Creative Expressions, started her business 25 years ago in her basement with one embroidery machine. It has evolved into a 30,000 square foot facility with more than 50 employees. You can read more about this local business on their website.

Contact them to design your own t-shirt! This is perfect for family reunions, messages you want to express to others, and wedding bridal parties!


Other ways to spend your day Unplugged:

Click on any of the pictures in this post for more information.

Allison bowling samuel bowling 

color run  funtopia

golden spike riding horses at the farm

star party tree house


  1. I have 2 boys at my would be fun to try rock hunting so we could add to our 'collection'.
    I love the color of that shirt!

  2. We would do a geocaching t shirt for sure.

  3. I want to get a shirt that says "I'm too busy for this run". I saw that quote once and loved it! Great reminder for me to quit with the excuses. :)
    Dezi A


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