Friday, June 05, 2015

Play Unplugged This Summer

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Last summer we participated in the Play Unplugged program and had a blast earning all the different brag badges. We are excited to participate again this year!

Play Unplugged is a summer program designed to get kids away from technology and off the couch and experience new things. For each task they complete on the list, they can visit a local business to pick up their brag badge. Brag badges can be collected on a lanyard for them to wear and show off to their friends throughout the summer and at the beginning of next school year.

Getting started is easy! You don’t even have to sign up…..just play unplugged and start earning badges!

  1. Go online to the Play Unplugged website and choose your area and see what brag badges are available in your part of Utah. From here, you will also receive information on where to pick up the lanyard in your area. (Don’t stress too much about the lanyard….if your area runs out, just head over to Office Max or your local business supply store and pick a few up.)Capture1

  2. Start playing unplugged and earning your badges. TIP: I like to print out the Brag Badge Booklet and then cut up each brag badge so that we can sort them. Last year we just printed the list and tried to mark them off as we did them, and it was a lot harder to keep them organized as to what badges we were able to do that week. We will be doing the activities all week and dedicating Friday to picking up the badges, or we will pick up the badges available as we do them at the certain places. (Example: We will be swimming at the West Valley Family Fitness Center, which is where the badge is also located, so that badge we can pick up the same day.)

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  3. Pick up your badges at the designated business and display them on your lanyard.

You can view all the different brag badges and where to pick them up on the Play Unplugged website.

Watch for a post in a few weeks of how we are unplugging this summer! Stay tuned to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see how we are playing unplugged this summer! Don’t forget to tag your photos with #enjoyutah and #weplayunplugged so that we can see which brag badges you are earning!

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