Sunday, June 28, 2015

Provo Fireworks: A Different Kind of Fireworks Experience


If you are like most of us, we  buy a random assortment of fireworks from the tent set up in the nearest parking lot. A lot of the time we get home, and even after spending a lot of money, we find that a lot of the fireworks are duds or not as cool as we thought they were going to be.

This year, we are trying something different. Provo Fireworks is a locally owned company, based out of Provo, UT. You know how I feel about buying local! They are able to offer lower prices because their overhead is low, and they only have two employees: the owner and her husband. They run their business out of their home, and take pride in the fact that they are a locally owned small business serving the Utah communities.

Stay tuned in a few weeks for my review of Provo Fireworks! I have been provided with a gift certificate to try them, and will be writing my review after ordering from them and using their product.

It’s not just about the fireworks for the owners of Provo Fireworks; it’s about the memories!

Every year, their neighborhood has a huge party, complete with a mid-afternoon BBQ and water fight for the kiddos. Parachute fireworks are set off in a big circle, and everybody watches to see which way the parachute is going to fall. Everybody chases after the parachutes and tries to catch one.

As the sun starts to set and the temperatures cool, the sparklers, smoke bombs and snakes are brought out for everybody to enjoy as the time draws nears for the “big” fireworks. When the time is right, each neighbor brings out their big box of fireworks and lights them off one by one for all to enjoy.

These are the kinds of memories Provo Fireworks wishes for you this 4th and 24th of July this year!

The buying experience from Provo Fireworks:

96ShotPearlSmInstead of standing in line under a hot tent, trying to maneuver around others also trying to put together their favorite fireworks to purchase, with Provo Fireworks you order online, and then they are delivered to you (see website or contact owner for delivery terms) or you pick them up in Utah County after ordering. Ordering is online only and is free to pick up your order, or only $5 for delivery if you live in Utah County

Browse their online videos to decide which fireworks fit best for your family, and then place your order. All from the convenience of your cool, air conditioned home! They also have many packages available to choose from for a simpler, quicker method of ordering and choosing.

SaturnMissileSm“What if one of the fireworks I order is a dud?” This is one of our biggest frustrations with buying fireworks. We get so excited about a certain one, only to bring it home, light it, and nothing happens. Because Provo Fireworks stands behind their product, they offer a no-dud guarantee. If you get a dud, they will provide you with your option of a refund or to replace the firework. Because they are a locally owned company, they won’t be gone after July 5th like the tents in parking lots; you will know exactly where to contact them should any problems arise.

Learn more about Provo Fireworks:

I have been compensated financially for my write-up, and given a gift certificate to use and review Provo Fireworks, but all opinions and views are my own.

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