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DISCOUNT: Uplift Families Conference

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A few weeks ago I had the honor of attending a luncheon at the Governor’s Mansion hosted by Utah’s First Lady, Jeanette Herbert. She spoke about her passion for families and the goal behind her Uplift Families initiative.

Mrs. Herbert spoke about the importance of educating parents and providing them with the tools and knowledge to handle the many difficult aspects of parenting that come at each stage we face with our children. She acknowledged the need for more education for parents in Utah, and how that affects the kind of adults our children grow up to become.

Mrs. Herbert shared one of my favorite quotes:

"The family is the corner stone of our society. More than any other force it shapes the attitude, the hopes, the ambitions, and the values of the child. And when the family collapses it is the children that are usually damaged. When it happens on a massive scale the community itself is crippled." - Lyndon B. Johnson, 36th President of the United States

jeanette herbertLeft to right: Taralyn Parker from Keep Moving Forward With Me, Utah’s First Lady and Uplift Families founder Jeanette Herbert, and me (Michelle Powell from Enjoy Utah).

Uplift Families is much more than just an annual parenting conference. It’s a year-round website full of information for parents with children of all ages.

“Thanks to online avenues, we have found our voice. And many of us have the deep desire to use that voice to bless others all over the world. Isn’t it cool that we can actually do that?!,” said Nicole Carpenter, Blog Partner Committee Chairman. “This is our chance to use our talents and to use the voice we have through our blogs to do good things for Utah and do great things for families.”

11823712_10206749876217188_2010425117_nIt’s an honor to be included with such talented and inspiring women
who are using their voices to do great things for Utah families.
Left to right: Taralyn Parker from Keep Moving Forward With Me, Melissa Au from A Sparkle of Genius,
Carol Rice from Family Storytelling, and me (Michelle with Enjoy Utah)

Finding help as a parent through Uplift Families really is as easy as 1-2-3: First you choose the age group of the child you are searching for help with, then you select the appropriate dilemma you are currently facing with that child. From there, it will pull up a dropdown list of all kinds of resources where you can search for information and help.

The 3-fold purpose of “Uplift Families” is to

  • strengthen parent-child relationships
  • provide tools and resources that improve parenting skills
  • help children make safe and healthy choices

“Let’s work together and use our voice to strengthen Utah,” Carpenter said. “Let’s make time for what matters most to Utah Families.”

About the Uplift Families 2015 conference:

Uplift Families Parenting Conference
Saturday, September 19, 2015
Thanksgiving Point Show Barn

uplift families conference

First Lady of Utah Jeanette Herbert will host her annual “Uplift Families Parenting Conference” on Saturday, September 19, 2015 at the Thanksgiving Point Show Barn. Uplift Families is the official initiative of Utah’s First Lady and a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing resources for parents that can improve parenting skills and keep children safe from negative societal influences.

The conference will feature inspiring speakers, dinner and dessert stations, exhibits and giveaways. Renowned presenters and experts on the family will give Parenting TIPS (Teaching Important Parenting Skills).


Use code Enjoy2015 for $5 off your registration. Register online now. Seating is limited, and will fill up fast!

Take advantage of how Uplift Families can help you:

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