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REVIEW: K1 Speed and “Speed Week”

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We absolutely love racing and fast cars, so when we found out about a new GoKart racing facility in Utah, we had to go check it out!

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K1 Speed is located in Sandy on the corner of 10600 South and 700 East, in the old Living Planet Aquarium building. It was easy to find and a short distance from I-15. Upon walking in, the staff was friendly and helpful, and it was fun to see the racing memorabilia.

This was one of those places that as soon as you leave, you can’t wait to return. We love racing in our family, and this was the perfect activity for us. We can’t wait to return and bring other friends and family to beat them on the track! This is also a great activity for a date night or birthday party.

How it works and what to expect:

  • Upon arrival you will sign in with your account, or create an account if you have never been there before. Each person will also need to read and sign the waivers, and an adult will need to sign waivers for all drivers under 18.
  • If you have not been to K1 Speed before, you will need to purchase a license for $6. This license is good for all locations nationwide, and is good for one year after date of purchase. License also includes free use of helmet and head sock, online scoring and monthly email offers.
  • Your name will be added to the next available race. Junior racers and Adult racers are placed in separate races. Adult racers are 58 inches and taller, and Junior racers are between 48 and 58inches tall. Those under 48 inches are not allowed to race. When I first heard this I was a little bit bummed that I wouldn’t be able to race with/against my kids, but after driving the karts I had a complete change of mindset. The adult karts are much faster and harder to drive than the junior ones, and it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun for me if I had been racing the junior karts. The adult karts can go up to 40 mph, while the junior karts only go up to 20 mph. My daughter was tall enough to race with the adults, but was advised by the employee to race with the juniors, and I was glad she did! The adult karts would have been way too hard for her to handle the steering and speed.

  • While you wait, you can sit in the lounge and watch other races going on, or play pool or arcade games. When you hear your name announced overhead, you will proceed to the pit area where you will be briefed on how the karts work, what the different color race flags mean, and other important rules of operation. You will be given a head sock to wear, and a helmet will be selected for you according to your size.
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  • Once you are briefed on all you need to know, you will proceed to your assigned kart, and wait for the current race to finish. As soon as the other karts are off the track, you will be instructed to enter the track and slowly drive around while waiting for all racers to get on the track. While waiting, your kart will only go a certain speed.
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  • As soon as the race has begun, you will feel your kart quickly pick up speed. I thought others were given a head start because they were closer to the start line than I was, but it doesn’t matter what order you finish, but the speed at which you finish each lap. That alone determines placement. There is a board that you can keep an eye on that tells you your current standing.
  • Make sure you watch the person with the flags to know important hazard information and when there’s one lap left.
  • After your race, you will receive a printout of your lap times and standing. My kids were bummed that they were 3rd and 4th, but were excited to see they had some of the fastest times of the week.

What you need to know:

  • 2015-08-04 12.45.32What to wear: Before we went, we were curious if you needed to wear specific clothes, such as long pants, closed toed shoes, etc. When we got there we were happy to discover that anything you wear is appropriate. I wore flip flops and shorts with a t-shirt. Of course you will probably not want to wear a skirt or shorts that are too short, but whatever you are wearing that day is fine. There are no dress code restrictions. Because you have to wear a head scarf and helmet, girls may want to wear their hair up and out of their face to make it easier.
  • Deals and packages: I felt that my first race was just a warm-up to get the feel of the kart and the curves of the track. This is something that you will want to do more than once, so I highly recommend purchasing the multiple race package deals.
  • Hours and locations are posted on their website.

We had so much fun that the first thing my 11 year old daughter said when she woke up this morning was, “I wish we were go kart racing today!” We definitely have a need for speed and can’t wait to go back!

Speed Week: Monday August 10 – 14, 2015

Because Speed Week was canceled* at the Bonneville Salt Flats next week, K1 Speed is offering race fans a special discount. Receive 2 races for $25 starting Monday August 10, 2015 to Friday August 14, 2015.

Not only will you be saving money on all-electric kart racing but the fastest lap of the week (adult and junior) will WIN a Prize Package including K1 Speed merchandise, races & more. Winners will be selected and announced the following week.

*The SCTA President/Race Director Bill Lattin & the BNI Chairman Roy Creel spent (July 20th) on the salt. The most they could find was 2 1/4 miles of salt suitable for a safe race course. The rest of the salt flat are either wet or wet and muddy. If the wet salt gets dry, future events could be possible.

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More about K1 Speed:

*This is a sponsored post and I was compensated for my time, including two complimentary passes to check out the venue and write my review. I was not required nor persuaded to write any specific type of review, and the views and opinions are all my own.

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