Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Costume Finds at Deseret Industries

2015-10-17 17.16.23

This Halloween season we headed to Deseret Industries in West Jordan to see what we could come up with for Halloween costumes, and what other #DIFinds we could discover!

Not only did we find a random assortment of costumes for ourselves, but for other family members as well. Below are just some of the costume ideas we came up with:

2015-10-17 18.00.07

This time of year they have a section just for Halloween costumes. This is the easiest way to find a costume there without even trying or putting things together. They have a large selection of costumes for all ages, even adults!

2015-10-17 17.35.02Star Wars: $4

Throw on some face paint or find a mask and light saber, and you’ve got yourself a Star Wars costume!










2015-10-17 17.19.47Scarecrow: $5

Add a few crows from the dollar store and some face paint, and you’ve got a scarecrow costume! You can be a “regular” scarecrow or the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz and go as a group theme.









2015-10-17 17.23.28Baby pumpkin: $2

Warm baby costumes are so hard to find, but this baby pumpkin will keep your little one nice and cozy on Halloween night or during a Halloween party.









2015-10-17 17.29.53Simple black dress: $6

We picked this dress because it can double as so many different costume ideas, and is a great versatile item to have in your Halloween box. Here are just a few ideas we thought of that this dress could be used for:

- Wednesday Addams
- Creepy doll
- Witch
- Maid






2015-10-17 17.31.58Simple white dress: $10

Like the black dress above, this can be used for so many different things. Here are a few that we could think of:

- Bride
- Dirty it up a bit for Corpse Bride
- Throw a black cape over it for Dracula’s bride
- Angel
- Ghost
- Dirty it up a bit for a zombie






2015-10-17 17.33.39Jailbird or Witch: $4 for the top and $2 for the bottoms

If you get creative you can use this for many different costumes, maybe even a witch, but with the stripes a jailbird is the first thing that came to my mind.









2015-10-17 17.32.12Simple black cloak: $4

Like the simple white dress and black dress above, this simple black cloak can be used for a large variety of costumes. A few that come to mind are:

- Grimm reaper
- Scream
- A Shadow







2015-10-17 17.28.07Baby Snow White: $4

Another darling baby costume!










If you add up all the costumes above with all the possibilities of what kind of costumes they can be used for, you get 19+ costumes for only $41! Think about checking out the Deseret Industries near you this year for your costume ideas!

What are some of your amazing #DIFinds?! Post them on social media with the hash tag #DIFinds so we can check them out!

About Deseret Industries (from their website):

When you shop at Deseret Industries you support a job training and placement program. So when you make a purchase at one of the stores, you are not just taking home a hidden treasure but you're allowing others the opportunity to find treasure in their own lives.

Associates gain valuable work experience by working in Deseret Industries facilities and through a variety of training opportunities with local business partners. Individuals can gain retail experience in the stores, trade skills at DI Manufacturing, and other work skills while assisting people worldwide at the Latter-day Saint Humanitarian Center.

Read more about people who got their start in the workforce by training at Deseret Industries.

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