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How to Inspect Your Home while Decorating for Christmas

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By: Maurine Anderson

Home maintenance: it’s something that is required of all homeowners, yet so many of us simply put it off, hoping that nothing will go wrong. Then, before you know it, you have a major plumbing or roofing problem to address—something that would have cost you much less to repair had you caught it early. Home maintenance is easier than you might think, especially when all it requires is a few quick inspections to ensure that things are running smoothly. And to ensure that your home’s winter inspections are even easier this year, why not combine them with something else that is sure to have you scouring all areas of your home this winter season? Decorating for Christmas is the perfect time to do some quick inspections around the home, especially since you’ll be running from room to room with a step ladder in hand anyhow.

So, without further ado, here is a quick guide to what you should check around the house while you’re decorating for Christmas.

While hanging your Christmas lights…

...inspect your roof! As this article details, making necessary roof repairs is one of the best ways that you can prepare your home for winter. If you haven’t already inspected your roof for the winter season, now is the time. To ensure that your roof will stand up to the harsh winter weather, take a moment to look for any broken or missing shingles, and for any dark spots on your roof. You should also ensure that you don’t see any granule accumulation in the gutters, or any water damage in your ceilings. These are all signs of a roof that is prone to leakage. This is a good time to make sure that your gutters are clear of leaves and debris as well.

While putting candles in your windows…

...check your windows for any leaks. Leaks in your windows and doors will cause your heating costs to skyrocket. This is also a good time to check the locks on all of your windows to ensure that they work properly. Some even like to remove their window screens for winter to let as much sunlight stream in through the windows as possible.

Christmas red candle with snow covered home window and pine trees

While washing your tree skirt, tablecloths, and other Christmas linens…

...inspect your dryer vent. Your dryer vent should be inspected at least once a year and cleaned accordingly to keep it free of lint. To inspect your vent, stand near the exhaust vent at the exterior of your home; it should smell of fresh laundry. If there doesn’t seem to be much exhaust, then this could indicate that there is a blockage. If you’re unable to locate one, then you may want to call in a professional for an inspection and professional cleaning. Once your dryer has finished running, go ahead and vacuum out your lint screen housing and the area behind your dryer. This includes unplugging your dryer, detaching the hose from the exhaust duct, inspecting the hose and aluminum elbow that attaches to the wall, and vacuuming the area around the open exhaust duct.

Now is a good time to inspect your washing machine hose, as well. It should be free of blisters, stress cracks, and any other signs of wear. If you don’t inspect this hose regularly and replace it every 3 to 5 years, it could burst and cause major flooding issues, as this article details.

LKR051594While hanging a wreath on your front door…

...check your front doors locks and deadbolt to ensure that they are working effectively. Be sure to check your back door and the door that leads from the garage into your home while you’re at it.

While replacing your bathroom soaps with seasonally scented ones…

...inspect the grout in between your tiles. Grout should be clean and free of cracks or any deterioration, and any seams and corners should be sealed with a rubberized or flexible compound to prevent water penetration. If the grout in between your tiles looks sub-par, it’s time to remove any problem grout and fill the area with new grout. This is also a good time to run water and flush toilets in unused spaces, which should be done in your home quarterly.

While hanging that mistletoe…

...replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors. This should be done twice a year, so if you haven’t yet done this for the second time this year, now is the time.

This list by all means isn’t comprehensive, but it’s sure to get you on the right track with keeping your home running as smoothly as possible.

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